Del Parker's Parkerosa

mother and father.jpg (21699 bytes)Mother and Father were the two who had the vision to put this place on the map.  Well actually, it was more Mother than Father.  It didn't take much convincing to get Father to go along with most anything.   Father's claim to fame was that his uncle Rebus built the world's first ever mobile home.

Mother, she saw the writing on the wall when there was talk about the new state highway and all.  Mother, she was a schemer alright.  Father particularly liked the idea of a wigwam village.  Mother would tease him about how he used to stay up nights just thinking about it.

The Parkerosa opened up two months after the state highway was put through.   We started with two cabins and the one wigwam, now the gallery.  I was just a little punk then.  To keep an eye on me while he was workin' on the place, Father would set my crib up outside on some cinder blocks so that I wouldn't eat the dirt.

Even though Mother was the brains of the outfit, it was Father who got me to thinkin' about something that would change my life forever.  When I was a teenager I used to do chores around the place with the ole man.  One day he said, "son, I sure wish we didn't have to throw out all this soap - it seems like such a waste".  That thought stuck with me for a long time until...