From stereo pair images from late 1800s, Cazenovia, NY & Misc

Madison, Chenango and Onondaga Counties

Requires use of red-blue glasses - available at Cazenovia Public Library

(anaglyphs courtesy Dave Porter – images are of Cazenovia, NY unless noted otherwise)

1.01 Opening Mix

1.02 Different Versos

Johnson Studio:

1.03 Presbyterian Church                                                                                             A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

1.04 Anaglyph Process                                                                                                   D.B. Porter, Cazenovia

1.05 Presbyterian Church                                                                                             A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

1.10 Couple                                                                                                                        H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

1.15 Girl                                                                                                                               Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

2.01 Albany St                                                                                                                   E.G. Weld, Cazenovia

2.03 Lake House Looking West                                                                                   A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

2.10 Bridge with Ice Jam                                                                                               A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

3.01 Chaphe Saw Mill & Mill St Bridge from Dyke                                               H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

3.02A Outlet at Lake                                                                                                       H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

3.02B Outlet at Lake                                                                                                       Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

3.03 Foot Bridge                                                                                                               A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

3.10 Sailboat Caprice, L.W. Ledyard                                                                          H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

3.11 The Oaks from Lake                                                                                               H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

3.12 Dock View                                                                                                                 A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

4.00 C&C RR Depot                                                                                                         A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

4.10 Tunnel Const                                                                                                            Photographer unknown, possibly Cazenovia

4.15 Tunnel Entrance                                                                                                     Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

4.20 Railroad Tunnel Construction                                                                            H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

4.25 Tunnel Entrance Looking Southeast                                                                               H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

5.00 Chittenango Falls                                                                                                    Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

5.10 White Sulphur Springs Hotel                                                                              Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

5.11 Lecture at White Sulfur Springs Hotel                                                            Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

5.20 White Sulfur Spring                                                                                               H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

5.22 Sulfur Maids, Chittenango White Sulfur Springs                                         Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

7.00 Old ME Church                                                                                                        Photographer unknown

7.10 Old ME Church Sunday School Rm                                                                   A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

7.20 New ME Church                                                                                                      Photographer unknown

7.30 New ME Church Interior                                                                                      A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

7.40 Baptist Church                                                                                                         H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

7.50 Seminary Tower and Baptist Church                                                               A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

8.00 Lincklaen House                                                                                                      H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

8.01 Caz Republican, Albany St                                                                                   A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

8.02 North Side Albany St                                                                                             Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

8.03 Hobbie & Rouse Block                                                                                          Photographer unknown

8.04 Albany St with Cat, Looking East                                                                       H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

8.05 Main St Looking West                                                                                           A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

8.07 Birdseye View Looking West                                                                              Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

8.30 Fountain                                                                                                                    A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

8.40 Albany St Looking Northwest                                                                            A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

8.50 Mill St                                                                                                                         A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

8.55 Nelson St Looking twd Fountain                                                                       H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

8.60 Albany St Looking East                                                                                         A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

8.70 Sullivan St Looking South                                                                                    H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

8.80 Watering Trough                                                                                                    Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

8.90 The Meadows                                                                                                         A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

11.00 Belmont Mill                                                                                                          E.G. Weld & Son, Cazenovia

11.02 Semi Centennial Tent                                                                                         A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

11.04 State Bridge                                                                                                           A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

11.05 Lake View Cottage                                                                                               Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

11.06 Looking Toward Lakeland                                                                                 A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

11.08 Lakeland Looking Toward Pier                                                                        A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

11.10 Pier Looking Southwest                                                                                    A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

11.15 Lakeland Grounds                                                                                               Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

12.00 Lorenzo                                                                                                                   Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

12.10 Mrs Lincklaen’s Residence                                                                               H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

12.20 Lorenzo Interior                                                                                                   Photographer unknown

13.00 Pier Looking South                                                                                              A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

13.02 Pier Looking North                                                                                              A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

Anaglyphs Added April 2020

14.01 Caz Seminary                                                                                                         H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

14.02 CC RR                                                                                                                        H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

14.03 Chittenango Creek Bridge                                                                                Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

14.04 Dam at Bingley                                                                                                      H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

14.05 Birdseye Looking Northwest from ME Church                                          Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

14.06 Rowboat                                                                                                                 Photographer unknown

14.07 RR Culvert                                                                                                               H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

14.08 Seminary at Lincklaen St                                                                                   Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

14.09 Stebbins Jr Boat                                                                                                    H.S. Mather, Cazenovia, (1)                        

14.10 Tunnel Construction 2                                                                                        Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

14.11 View of Village from East                                                                                  H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

Anaglyphs Added November 2020

15.01 Albany Street East                                                                                               H.S. Mather, Cazenovia, (2)

15.02 Delphi Falls                                                                                                             Photographer unknown, (2)

15.03 Forman St Bridge                                                                                                 H.S. Mather, Cazenovia, (2)

15.04 Hotel at Lakeview                                                                                                F.M. Doolittle, Cazenovia, (2)

15.05 Lakeview Fountain                                                                                              Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia, (2)

15.06 Lakeview                                                                                                                 H.S. Mather, Cazenovia, (2)

15.07 Lincklaen St                                                                                                            E.G. Weld, Cazenovia, (2)

15.08 ME Church Cornerstone                                                                                   H.S. Mather, Cazenovia, (2)

15.09 Mill St Bridge Looking North                                                                           H.S. Mather, Cazenovia, (2)

15.10 Main Street, New Woodstock                                                                        Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia, (2)

15.11 Old ME Church 2                                                                                                  Photographer unknown, (2)

15.12 Outlet Bridge                                                                                                         A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia, (2)

15.13 Shelter Valley                                                                                                        H.S. Mather, Cazenovia, (2)

15.14 Prof Smyth Cottage, Lakeview                                                                        F.M. Doolittle, Cazenovia, (2)

15.15 Tunnel West End                                                                                                  H.S. Mather, Cazenovia, (2)

15.16 Wedding Party                                                                                                      H.S. Mather, Cazenovia, (2)

Anaglyphs Added Feb 2021

16.01 Albany St Bridges                                                                                                 Johnson, Cazenovia

16.02 View on CC RR                                                                                                       H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

16.03 Colgate-Hamilton Birdseye                                                                              C.W. Palmer, Chittenango

16.04 Colgate Hillside                                                                                                     H.H. Hill, Hamilton

16.05 Colgate Presidents Res                                                                                      Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

16.06 Colgate DKE                                                                                                            H.C. White, NYC

16.07 Colgate DU Hall Interior                                                                                    Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

16.07 Colgate DU Reading Room                                                                               Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

16.08 Hamilton Green 1                                                                                                 Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

16.09 Hamilton Green 2                                                                                                C.W. Palmer, Chittenango

16.10 Hamilton Baptist Church                                                                                   Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

16.11 Hamilton Stores                                                                                                   C.W. Palmer, Chittenango

16.12 Hamilton Smith Block                                                                                         Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

16.13 Hamilton Downtown                                                                                          C.W. Palmer, Chittenango

16.14 DeRuyter Union Hall Interior                                                                           E.D. Benjamin, DeRuyter

16.15 Georgetown Browns Hall                                                                                  Photographer unknown

16.16A Georgetown Muller Mansion                                                                       Photographer unknown

16.16B Georgetown Muller Mansion                                                                       Photographer unknown

17.01 Kamp KT Interior 1                                                                                               Photographer unknown

17.02 Kamp KT Interior 2                                                                                               Photographer unknown

17.03 New Woodstock, H.S. Gorton’s Carriage Shop                                         Photographer unknown

17.04 Chittenango Falls Overlook                                                                              C.W. Palmer, Chittenango

17.05 Man with Horse                                                                                                    H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

17.06 Fountain at Lakeview                                                                                         A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.07A H.S. Mather Residence, 12 Liberty St                                                        Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

17.07B H.S. Mather Residence, 12 Liberty St                                                         Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

17.08 Milk Wagon                                                                                                            A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.09 Tillotson Family Picnic                                                                                        H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

17.10 Furniture Factory Workers                                                                               Photographer unknown, view likely by E.D. Benjamin, DeRuyter

17.11 Haight’s Cove                                                                                                        A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.12 Lakeview Campground                                                                                      A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.13 Albany St Looking Toward Lake                                                                      H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

17.14 North Side Albany St Looking East                                                                 A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.15 Chittenango Springs Hotel                                                                                Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

17.16 Cave Spring                                                                                                            Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

17.17 Mrs. Brinkerhoof’s Greenhouse                                                                    Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia, view probably Chittenango

17.18 View in Valley Along CC RR                                                                               H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

17.19 Eating Tent, Lake View                                                                                      A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.20 St. John’s Camp                                                                                                    Photographer unknown

17.21 Looking East Toward Lake                                                                                A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.22 Garden Scene                                                                                                       A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.23 Old ME Church Interior                                                                                     H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

17.24 Albany St Looking East 2                                                                                    A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.25 Vista, New Woodstock                                                                                      Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

17.26 Boy at Gerritt Smith Residence, Peterboro                                                 A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.27 Farmhouse, Morrisville                                                                                     L.A. Grant, Morrisville

17.28 Barker House, Morrisville                                                                                 Photographer unknown

17.29 Oneida Community, Kenwood                                                                       Publ. by Oneida Community

17.30 Catholic Parsonage, Pompey                                                                          Photographer unknown

17.31 Wesleyan-Methodist Church, Syracuse                                                      M.E. Judd, Syracuse

17.32 Hall of Languages, Syracuse University                                                       M.E. Judd, Syracuse

17.33 Syracuse Savings Bank, Syracuse                                                                   M.E. Judd, Syracuse

17.34 Salt Block, Syracuse                                                                                            J.L. & H.A. Jordan, Syracuse

17.35 Chlorine Springs, Syracuse                                                                               E.M. Collins, Syracuse

17.36 Birdseye, Georgetown                                                                                      Photographer unknown

17.37 ME Church, Chittenango                                                                                   C.W. Palmer, Chittenango

17.38 Colgate Academy, Hamilton                                                                            Photographer unknown

17.39 Steamer Glen Haven, Skaneateles Lake                                                      Photographer unknown

17.40 Mill Street looking South                                                                                  Photographer unknown, (1)

17.41 View on C&C RR (Gorge Trail looking South)                                             H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

17.42 Cheese Factory (possibly Nelson or Cazenovia)                                       A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.43 Lakeview Looking South                                                                                    Photographer unknown, (1)       

17.44 Ferndell Mill                                                                                                           Photographer unknown, (1)       

17.45 New Woodstock Main St                                                                                   Photographer unknown, (1)                                                                       

17.46 Upper & Lower Delphi Falls                                                                              A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

17.47 Limestone Creek, Fayetteville                                                                        Photographer unknown

17.48 New Depot, Syracuse                                                                                         J.L. & H.A. Jordan, Syracuse

17.49 Young Boy & Girl                                                                                                  Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

Anaglyphs Added Mar 2021

18.01 Work Train, Syracuse & Chenango Valley RR                                             H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

18.02 The Oaks                                                                                                                 A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

18.03 Presbyterian Church Interior                                                                           H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

18.04 Dyke Looking West                                                                                             A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

18.05 Birdseye Looking North up Lincklaen St                                                      Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

18.06 Birdseye Looking East                                                                                         Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

18.07 Inside Semi-Centennial Tent                                                                           A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

18.08 Pond Above Swans Mill                                                                                     H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

18.09 Gerrit Smith Residence, Peterboro                                                              E.B. Squier, Lysander & Northfield, NY

18.10 Railroad Rock Cut, Earlville                                                                               Photographer unknown

18.11 Lake Earlville with Hop Yard                                                                             Photographer unknown, (3)

18.12 Wire Bridge, Earlville                                                                                          Photographer unknown, (3)

18.13 Bridge Over Chenango River, Earlville                                                          Photographer unknown, (3)

18.14 Ayer’s Block, Earlville                                                                                          Photographer unknown, (3)

18.15 General Ledyard’s Residence                                                                         Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

18.16 View of Lake with Elm Tree Looking SW                                                      Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

18.17 Chittenango Creek Valley                                                                                 H.S. Mather, Cazenovia

18.18 Albany St Sidewalk Looking West                                                                  A.A. Johnson, Cazenovia

18.19 Route 13 Along Chittenango Creek, 1928                                                   Photographer unknown

18.20 Colgate Preparatory School, Hamilton                                                         Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

18.21 Smith Block from Green, Hamilton                                                               Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia

18.22 Colgate Seminary with Wagon, Hamilton                                                   C.W. Palmer, Chittenango

18.23 Yates Union Free School, Chittenango                                                        Photographer unknown

18.24 School Interior, probably Yates School, Chittenango                             Hanson, Chittenango

18.25 Old Harris Block, Chittenango                                                                         Photographer unknown

18.26 View from Syracuse Pump House Looking South, Syracuse                Photographer unknown

18.27 Woman Shucking Peas, Kamp KT                                                                   Photographer unknown

18.28 Chittenango Springs                                                                                           H.S. Mather, Cazenovia


(1)    Original stereo images courtesy Paul Hotchkiss

(2)    Original stereo images courtesy Cazenovia Public Library

(3)    Original stereo images courtesy Henry Drexler